B2B Marketing Data

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Marketing Database

Our enriched B2B marketing database can help you determine the right prospects straightaway.

Tailored Prospect List

Filter prospects by a long list of variables - location, type of business, revenue, employees and much more.

B2B Global

Our GDPR-compliant database in one of the largest in the UK and can be accessed anywhere.

B2B Marketing Data

We will help you with building a personalized list of the companies details using our up-to-date database.

You can select your ideal audience by using following criteria :-

  • Employee size
  • Age of the business
  • Ltd/ Non- LTD Indicator
  • Industry type
  • SIC Code
  • Branch or Head office Indicator
  • Business Turnover
  • Job Function
  • And much more

Ask the right marketing questions to define your prospects lists

  • What is the size of your prospect?
  • How long has your prospect been in the market?
  • What is the expertise of your prospect?

B2B Marketing Data

Our database is refreshed every nightly to send you the latest orders and counts. To start you can contact us and specify your requirements to request a same day count and review. Complete the order and you will receive a personalized marketing list in 24 to 48 hours.

Find new customers without wasting any time. Target the correct prospects who will be interested in your services and avoid making unnecessary calls. We check all the telephone numbers daily with UK Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and CTPS to meet compliance regulations and prevent unsolicited calls.


Our data is aggregated from multiple data points and opportunities with over 2 million prospects in the UK.

Data Provision

Telemarketing, emails, and postal campaigns are targeted correctly with the help of our provisioned and accurate database.

Cloud Access

Our secure cloud database can be accessed through the cloud from anywhere in the world.

Want to know how we can help?

Your growth is our success.

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