B2C Telemarketing

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Inbound Customer Care

The telemarketing professionals in our customer care team have an impressive success track record. They are experts in telesales and their knowledge in telemarketing is sure to get you results.

Outbound sales

Our experienced outbound sales team drive a high volume of sales in a compliant manner.

Product Notifications

Always notify your customers with new products on time. Prominent Contact will provide real-time B2C telemarketing calls and email notifications to make your customers aligned with the new products.

Communication channels

Our cutting-edge communication technology integrate phone, email, SMS and social media.

B2C Telemarketing

B2C telemarketing is very different from B2B telemarketing and requires a very different approach from the scripting, to data sourcing, initial pitch, evaluation of interest to sales.

At Prominent Contact, we have live and engaging conversations with customers to tell about your products and win contracts. We have a highly responsive customer service for business to customer telemarketing. At the same time, we are always compliant with all telemarketing laws, legislations, and regulations for hassle-free business to customer telemarketing programs.

B2C Telemarketing

We always focus on converting initial leads into qualified lead or sales. We help you develop consumer market reach with both inbound and outbound B2C telemarketing services. Our expertise is :-

  • Lead generation and hotkey transfers
  • Customer acquisition from a cold call and leads
  • Win-back lapsed customers
  • Cross and up-sell to existing customers

We also offer a full end to end service from understanding your need, wiring scripts, dialler management, data purchase, data management, compliance to new customer acquisition.


We are always fully compliant with OFCOM, TPS, ICO and DMA.


Sell to the correct customers with maximum interaction at the right time using our telemarketing team.

Speech analytics

We focus extensively on compliance and use our cutting edge technology speech analysis software to score call on real-time. By this way, we protect your brand and increase sales.

Cutting edge dialler

Our cutting edge dialler maximises the agents time by speaking to the customer rather waiting for a call. Also, the system has got extensive reporting package which helps to evaluate the ROI.

Want to know how we can help?

Your growth is our success.

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